How to Find a Profitable Business That Requires Low Investment

The amount of competition in today’s world can be overwhelming when it comes to starting a new business. Think of any product or service that consumers require and there are hundreds if not thousands of alternatives already out there. All well established, in the best locations, with what seems like all the clientele.Selling goods or services is the traditional approach for any business to take, but luckily there are alternates. One’s that do not require great sales skills, no holding of sufficient stock levels for demand, no additional labor.Getting known, finding customers, branding, these necessary traditional factors of success for business nowadays takes more time than there are hours in the day. Websites, traffic, social-media, mail-outs, promotions, sales, all these now considered basic techniques can take the majority of your time, taking you away from the primary function of your business – buying stock and selling it.Most new business take so much time and effort you are lucky to see family and friends.Whatever happened to that book “Think and Grow Rich?” Stop and Think and you’ve missed 8 social networks, 4 software upgrades, 25 new customers, 18 sales, 260 emails and so on. A more appropriate book for today’s times would be “Become a Web Nerd Genius and Grow Rich.”Buying established businesses may be one approach to bypassing many of the start-up hassles, however, this initial buy transaction instantly puts you behind in your quest for profits. And rarely does established business qualify as profitable with low investment costs. Quality business, and that’s what you are after, will be high end investment dollars.Franchising is another approach but unless you are creating a Franchise, then you have to buy the Franchise which becomes similar in nature to buying any established business.So before I totally put you from ever leaving your current business or 9-5 job, let me point out that there are always alternatives. The one you will read about here is one of those low cost, unlimited earning potential alternatives.It works on the same principle as most product related businesses, buying stock and on-selling it. However, this has a slight twist as the business is Insured Stock Market Investing. Before you run for the hills, read the business title again as it states “Insured”. Insurance brings security and if used correctly can reduce risk to practically nothing.Many investors in recent years, well probably most untrained investors and a lot of professional investors have been burned by the markets in some way, and you have heard of some the horror stories from someone you know and respect.Well it didn’t have to be that way. Untrained is dangerous. Knowledge is power, applied knowledge is profit, regardless of market conditions.Here are the basics of the stock market. It moves. It moves every day it is open. It moves either up, down, or sideways. If your investment plan can cover all three of the movements then you can profit in any market condition. You can using Options insure you investment should the direction change, even to the point where you can profit even if you get it totally wrong. Yes you can profit handsomely if the market falls!Your working are far more favorable as the working day is only 6 hours long! You are your own boss. Your decisions are the ones that will be used. You get all the credit. You take all the responsibility.Investing with Options rather than buying stocks, gives you incredible leverage on you investments. With both primary and secondary covered (with the appropriate trading strategy) you investments are safe and have amazing earning potential.Starting investing as a business, should be treated exactly as that. A business. Tax benefits exist by investing under a business entity. And as with any business venture, you should always seek the appropriate advice for your personal situation.Treat any venture as a hobby and you will get hobby results. But treat it as a business and you will turn your efforts into a rewarding career. Starting Investing as a business requires the proper foundations, however, with strong foundations you build something to last, and last it will.There are a growing number of online brokers that now offer incredible deals on fee-free trading. Use them, as lower (or no fees) means more profit for you.Investing with as little as $500 (now that’s low investment) can give amazing results, especially when used in a compounded manner. Returns on Investment will vary from investment to investment, but returns of up to 30% within 1-3 days is common.The power of compound investment can turn $2,000 into slightly over $1,000,000 in just 24 trades. The risk at any stage is $2,000. Lower risk than almost every business venture I know.Options give you low cost, and therefore lower risk into some of the world’s greatest corporations. You simply profit from their success or failure.Having the correct tools and using available technology can reduce the time spent in the market to a little as 30 days a day.As with any new business, a plan is of the utmost importance. Sticking to that plan is also a vital part of success. Constant review and self-honesty is also essential.Being your own business owner is extremely rewarding, however as the person responsible for the investing, you do need to understand how to select profitable investments and have a clear understanding of placing online trades.Please research any new business venture as thoroughly as you can, to gain insight into the risks and rewards.9am-5pm as a worker in a job.7am-7pm as a traditional business owner.30 minutes a day as an Investor.Remember it is always your choice.Success in any business venture is never guaranteed, however this business requires amazingly low start-up capital, only that required to create your business entity, the cost of training and trade selection tools, and sufficient capital to place your first trade.Investing has incredibly low overheads, generally only a computer and internet connection and allows you to insure your investment capital against incorrect decision making!

Customer Service: A Small Investment Can Reap a Huge ROI

When you’re in business you always think of the ROI, return on investment, of everything you do in your business. You want to know that the things you spend money on will move your business forward. Anything you do you want to know that there’s going to be a return on the investments you make.There isn’t a budget category for good customer service, so often we forget to think about the ROI that is associated with it. The ROI can be huge, because you invest very little money in good customer service and can reap great rewards.If you give good customer service, clients will stay with you longer. They will provide you with a residual income over time. Customers who stay with you longer are more likely to increase their spending with you by investing in new programs or higher-levels of service. They are also more likely to tell their friends, who are your prospects, about you. This gives you more referrals that are ready to work with you.Now, if you have bad customer service, there’s also an ROI on that. Not a lot of people realize the impact it can have. You’ve probably heard that a person that has a bad experience with a company will tell far more people than a person who has a good experience.We’ve all had customers that were not a good match for us. There may be a personality clash or some other issue. You may end an interaction feeling annoyed with the customer and you feel like you just don’t care. Even if you never intend to do business with that customer again, it’s important to try to make things as right as you can. You want, if at all possible, for the customer to walk away at the end of the relationship feeling satisfied.The problem is, if the relationship ends and the customer is unhappy, they will tell people about it and people will have a bad impression of your company even though they’ve never worked with you. Your business begins building a negative reputation and that will turn people off who may be your potential clients. If you are able to apologize and make things better for a client who’s not happy, it may protect your reputation. If you give them good customer service they’re less likely to spread bad news about your company, and that is huge.You can’t change a reputation easily once you have one as a business owner. So it’s really important to pay attention to those little things that make great customer service. Those are the things that will make a difference in your company’s reputation and the ROI on customer service can be really great. It will help your bottom line even though it’s not something that you’re spending a lot of money on.